High Summer Showdown 2017

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated by either Dippy or Snork)


Ministox Heat 1113653359345242
Senior Minis Heat 121446452512614767421512872
Stock Cars Heat 178491581916728457322164981
Ladies Bangers Heat 1850185543115110790208222136220
Bangers Heat 194131026637415
Ministox Heat 2113359345653601242
Senior Minis Heat 22142614645247651512471611264
Stock Cars Heat 278193225992845098148164
Ladies Bangers Heat 211585018581208790110222543136
Bangers Heat 294131026637442916539
Ministox Final345359653113601242
Senior Minis Final2612144645152512611872421264
Stock Cars Final49159978191673224898158
Ladies Bangers Final208543850185110790115220136
Bangers Final941374
Ministox Grand National345653601242
Senior Minis Grand National2145226151464512611159872264
Stock Cars Grand National49119481672845832278
Ladies Bangers Helter Skelter54381850185110222136208790220
Bangers Dash4Cash374275941
Bangers DD374