West Coast Classic 2018

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated as soon as possible)


Ministox Heat 1345242601686279
Senior Minis Heat 151292421872512617127
Stock Cars Heat 15995723718123484168278204
Junior Rookies Heat 13723244121546665239238331
Bangers Heat 152631127547607961234429308
Ministox Heat 2242345279686
Senior Minis Heat 226151512264421292611127104
Stock Cars Heat 2575994162841982971848108
Junior Rookies Heat 237232425121239223665238331
Bangers Heat 2475263460268568303
Ministox Final345359113242686601279
Senior Minis Final51251261292264421611
Stock Cars Final59957231234628491978204
Junior Rookies Final3222344546665538239
Bangers Final60526203
Ministox Grand National345359242601686279
Senior Minis Grand National51261264292512421617127
Stock Cars Grand National572312341619971859948282
Junior Rookies Helter Skelter4432239223238546665
Bangers Dash4Cash526203275
Bangers D/D203