Points 2019

Points are posted here after the meeting. These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting. (I will carry out any alterations as soon as i can)

Ministox 2019

1345Ashley Gregory487
2195Bobby Lewney478
3686Eleanor Morphet449
4135Charlotte Haworth344
5516Archie Berresford258
6178Niamh Howson221
7279Brooke Faulkner197
8246Mark Gregory Jnr194
9390Brooke Alderson181
10380Jack Alderson165
11717Kieran Morphet114
12682Bethany Morphet72
13601Toby Roberts42
14171Oscar Stuttard30
15252Finlay Bentham27
16653Louis Wells20
1734Edward Hunt14

Senior Minis 2019

Position NumberNamePointsAPAVW
1Gold/Silver/Red51Shaun Twist83
2Red52Derek Twist68
3Red292Chloe Ellison68
4Red78Paul Wadsworth52
5Blue421Mark Coward49
6Blue136Connor Sinclair44
7Blue264Declan Whiteoak37
8Blue127Carl Golden30
9Yellow476Connor Bell27
10Yellow159Courtney Brook10
11Yellow872Dominic Wilding4

Stock Cars 2019

Position NumberNamePointsAPAVW
1Red9Nick Bell129
2Red282Richard Ellison122
3Red358Jordan Rainford120
4Red767Colin Parr99
5Red108Kevin Park72
6Blue170Craig Hodgson69
7Blue167Chris Parr67
8Blue718Craig Morphet64
9Blue726Steven O'Connor60
10Blue101Kieran Bland58
11Yellow668Aaron Winder53
12Yellow416Chris Yeates49
13Yellow757Martin Chadwick48
14Yellow37Andrew Sinclair43
15Yellow284Steven Crowther40
16Yellow82Damien Redhead40
17White11Stephen Riddell35
18White48Kevin Chadwick17
19White685Daniel Wilkinson15
20White241Lee Edge3
21White501Reece Allison1

Ladies Bangers 2019

Position NumberNamePointsAPAVW
1Silver/Red185Hannah McNeal78
2Red220Emma Molloy64
3Red81Gemma Lord60
4Red56Claudia Hardy57
5Blue289Georgie Harrison54
6Blue110Shell Jackson52
7Blue92Julie Lomas49
8Blue924Jess Riches39
9Yellow377Vicky Connelly
10Yellow174Kimmy Watson28
11Yellow223Leonie Leeming25
12Yellow208Karen Moss23
13Yellow267Joanne Gaskel7

Junior Rookies 2019

Position NumberNamePointsAPAVW
1Silver/Red14William Walmsley Jnr93
2Red900Joey Holmes Jnr54
3Red710Cameron McBain50
4Red44Morgan Joyce47
5Gold/Red33Jacob Hampson39
6Red477Jack Speirs39
7Blue239Mollie Taylor29
8Blue475Freddie Speirs28
9Blue653Louis Wells24
10Blue546Lachlan Horlecher23
11Blue575Shaay Ogden21
12Blue472Ted Southward19
13Blue84Trev Preston18
14Blue203Connor Hartle17
15Yellow218Logan Winder11
16Yellow238Ellie Byram9
17Yellow252Finlay Bentham6
18Yellow665Shelby Cooke5
19Yellow636Hannah Hembrow5
20Yellow112Coby Prestage4
21Yellow928Mason Dodds4


To be added