Mid-Winter Madness 2020

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated as soon as possible)


Ministox Heat 1686717178516279
Stock Cars Heat 11011086689685301567229718216
Ladies Bangers Heat 19222292428918511031
Junior Rookies Heat 114614760671023966544518530
Bangers Heat 1341951812362820
Bangers Heat 228341252477471816047820
Ministox Heat 2686178516717681
Stock Cars Heat 27181089668301216229685567187
Ladies Bangers Heat 29258118528911029924222
Junior Rookies Heat 21406239112476665710472530
Bangers Heat 3477478252129115669
Ministox Final686717178516279681
Stock Cars Final9718668108216229187
Ladies Bangers final1859228911092429
Bangers Final2523416047478429821
Junior Rookies Final140647651847261218
Ministox Grand National686717516279681