Warton Grange Cup 2018

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated as soon as possible)


Ministox Heat 1345113242359686279
Senior Minis Heat 151512214476261421292245
Stock Cars Heat 1282192312328482718204726108
Ladies Bangers Heat 122811159279011020818522073
Bangers Heat 12751403662744661077760301569
Ministox Heat 2345359113686279
Senior Minis Heat 25126152264421329245
Stock Cars Heat 2282238228412317020411140108
Ladies Bangers Heat 22895618511511020879092422092
Bangers Heat 23742753664666014010248301
Ministox Final345359113686279
Senior Minis Final51214261512421264329245
Stock Cars Final2822382170123204140567101718
Ladies Bangers Final11520881289185924110790105
Bangers Final36610301777580
Ministox Grand National359686345113279
Senior Minis Grand National5221426442132951512
Stock Cars Grand National2312317082284718282204101567
Ladies Bangers Helter Skelter28911579020818592456
Bangers Dash4Cash10466580301
Bangers D/D466