Stars & Stripes Trophy 2017

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated by either Dippy or Snork) Transponder results courtesy of


Team Results:  First Place - Barrow Boys B.  Joint Second Place - Kendal A & Total Carnage.

Ministox Heat 135359345113601653292
Senior Minis Heat 121446426151527835872245341
Stock Cars Heat 14915995719167376228456481
Ladies Bangers Heat 11852228179011020811504256
Bangers Heat 13742521434357337181
Bangers Heat 2552466115242016272238321432
Bangers Heat 3470310466573146
Ministox Heat 235359292345113653
Senior Minis Heat 221452787246426151835245341
Stock Cars Heat 249157193225992841677816463
Ladies Bangers Heat 21851151108120804256790
Bangers Semi Final 155268
Bangers Semi Final 2144760238235146540424999181
Ministox Final34535359292653
Senior Minis Final21446452751261872245264117
Stock Cars Final59957284781673629815863718
Ladies Bangers Final1850411581790208256
Bangers Final A14660
Bangers Final B166429
Bangers Dash4Cash
Bangers DD574/777