Bay Classic 2018

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated as soon as possible)


Ministox Heat 1359113686601279
Senior Minis Heat 129251242147651611527231835
Stock Cars Heat 11232328420448971841619501
Ladies Bangers Heat 1561852081158501109247907392
Bangers Heat 16022977677716620457330310783
Ministox Heat 2345359113601279686
Senior Minis Heat 22922312644765125178724221611
Stock Cars Heat 212394819204416542358108164
Ladies Bangers Heat 256812088509211079073924
Bangers Heat 242932188643353111899934318116
Bangers Heat 36030328020495120
Bangers Heat 453743299923388618160016433405
Ministox Final345359113601686
Senior Minis Final292512315122644767872421611
Stock Cars Final1232320450135816410848718542
Ladies Bangers Final5611585079011020881924185289
Bangers Final4298861811020378317043260685
Ministox Grand National113359345601
Senior Minis Grand National512512312644762927872611
Stock Cars Grand National239204123501358108567542
Ladies Helter Skelter5620811579092428911092185
Bangers Dash4Cash166
Bangers D/D537