May Day Trophy 2018

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated as soon as possible)


Ministox Heat 1345653601279
Senior Minis Heat 174212925251221426151476264
Stock Cars Heat 1204358234878284726191019
Junior Rookies Heat 14154612132238477636
Van Bangers Heat 1617222232623429272343829158666
Ministox Heat 2345359601686653279
Senior Minis Heat 272145242126451611476292872
Stock Cars Heat 23582042316412378416726108542
Junior Rookies Heat 241121546710418239238306749665
Van Bangers Heat 234527347927216750
Ministox Final345359653686601279
Senior Minis Final5251221451476261264292611127
Stock Cars Final35823123204192847848101108
Junior Rookies Final12154666557544
Van Bangers Final232273617678
Ministox Grand National359345653686279
Senior Minis Grand National75125142121452426264292611
Stock Cars Grand National204231231948416284358726108
Van Bangers Dash4Cash273
Van Bangers D/D666