Autumn Mayhem 2017

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated by either Dippy or Snork)


Ministox Heat 1345113653292601228
Senior Minis Heat 15122144645161152119485127264
Stock Cars Heat 182782845991641675771858501
Ladies Bangers Heat 11850422011511081222136208
Bangers Heat 13744734275797303778238
Ministox Heat 2345113292601653
Senior Minis Heat 25121426148552611119264104421
Stock Cars Heat 28216759957588619718284164
Ladies Bangers Heat 21852201150411022220881136
Bangers Heat 24737434198238275
Ministox Final345292601653
Senior Minis Final5122612145142152611872264485
Stock Cars Final8278572845995816416771821
Ladies Bangers Final2200411511081208136222174
Bangers Final37447275
Ministox Grand National601292345
Senior Minis Grand National2142616115125152485421872264
Stock Cars Grand National57781675998228416471850121
Ladies Bangers Helter Skelter1158104208222136
Bangers Dash4Cash47
Bangers D/D303