Club Championship 2017

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated by either Dippy or Snork)


Ministox Mick O'Brien Championship35601653292242113
Stock Cars Sharrock Trophy Championship1932228459958571642518237
Senior Minis Silver Brit Production46426151214752421264127
Ladies Bangers Championship1850411079020822252981
Bangers Championship31026627577846699942979
Ministox H1 George Wimpey11334535653292
Stock Cars H1 Peter Howson Memorial5882193732225159957284170
Senior Minis H1 21446451421527261264
Ladies Bangers H1 Holker Ford185208790
Stock Cars H2 Marine Services1958575992843782164981322
Bangers H1 Ken Allen Auto Wreckers5264746679374777310266999776
Ministox H2 Wimpey Ashphalt34535653292
Stock Cars H3 Kitchen Engineering817019599284571676398137
Bangers H2 Warton Wreckers47310466569275266776374272429
Senior Minis H2 Vivat Insurance72145142152264
Stock Cars GN Eric Rose Memorial582841957167170981
Ladies Bangers H2 Kent Tavern Trophy377185420811081222
Ministox GN Goodwin Cup653292
Bangers H3 A1 Auto Wreckers4727531036646656999927
Senior Minis Grand National21475142152264
Stock Cars (Mechanics) Lunar Refridgeration28417057
Bangers Mechanics4760
Bangers Destruction Derby158