West Coast Classic 2016


The results will be confirmed after the committee meeting on Wednesday.

Ministox Heat 1292359653113345601242872
Senior Minis Heat 132926151214241635127116
Stock Cars Heat 13621949182917023123599
Junior Rookies Heat 1418041880315214121120
Bangers Heat 1337999989140
Bangers Heat 2252466886105744296016
Bangers Heat 3893956504717253
Ministox Heat 2292872359653113345119601
Senior Minis Heat 232951214261241127112116
Stock Cars Heat 2194913621705992312333
Junior Rookies Heat 2152804132528418803712
Bangers Semi Final A331405746236506016949
Bangers Semi Final B252886198466232
Ministox Final292872653359601242113119
Senior Minis Final51214261241635116421
Bangers Final3346688642914016893
Stock Cars Final491231959917082933164
Junior Rookies Final1524187128035283241346
Bangers Dash4Cash429232
Bangers DD620