Caravan Carnage 2017

(These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues. Official results will be updated by either Dippy or Snork)


Ministox Heat 135345292653242
Senior Minis Heat 121446451751242152127872835
Stock Cars Heat 15032219585760198178284401
Junior Rookies Heat 14454639112147712015432372
Bangers Heat 1471406031046626631849528478
Ministox Heat 235345113292653242
Senior Minis Heat 246452517512421872245264
Stock Cars Heat 25832219504015728460178981
Junior Rookies Heat 24439147771032121120418239
Caravan Race321
Bangers Heat 21404747834310
Ministox Final35345113653292242
Senior Minis Final21446451527512261421245872
Stock Cars Final1928448575860198150140322
Junior Rookies Final39154612032121154342477238
Bangers Final4731478310
Ministox Grand National34511329265335
Senior Minis Grand National21452751512872421264
Stock Cars Grand National3224857601589815040119140
Junior Rookies Helter Skelter7141854612112015447732?239
Bangers Dash4Cash47
Bangers DD321