The Bay Classic 2016


The results will be confirmed after the committee meeting on Wednesday.

Ministox Heat 12923593560111365336345
Senior Minis Heat 1746421432951476611127
Stock Cars Heat 123123824915991703878
Ladies Bangers Heat 1185336115208
Bangers Heat 126646614660301181724
Ministox Heat 229211335345601242
Senior Minis Heat 221432926124151116476127
Stock Cars Heat 28249123123170599829150
Ladies Bangers Heat 23361853771158156790110
Bangers Heat 247466301146385266886238
Ministox Final2923593453665387260135
Senior Minis Final32921451241611476421245
Stock Cars Final49112359978874164
Ladies Bangers Final11556377208110336
Bangers Final46612451560429
Ministox Grand National3629260165311335242
Senior Minis Grand National46421451329611421476245
Stock Cars Grand National784911231708243323284
Bangers Dash4Cash146
Bangers DD515