Warton Grange Cup 2016


As always these results are unofficial until after confirmation at Wednesday’s committee meeting and are subject to possible changes.

Ministox Heat 187260134511329235242653
Senior Minis Heat 1726132946421451421241
Stock Cars Heat 163491238293621959978
Ladies Bangers Heat 11855611537711085081
Bangers Heat 160057461111390777
Ministox Heat 229211334560135987235242
Senior Minis Heat 2329746421426151421116
Stock Cars Heat 24912312382959917033
Ladies Bangers Heat 23775618511581110850111
Bangers Heat 260011114077768
Ministox Final29265335987235345113242
Senior Minis Final4647214329241261116421
Stock Cars Final4912359978170
Ladies Bangers Final18537756115110850208222
Bangers Final574600777111390
Ministox Grand National65329235359
Senior Minis Grand National732921446451261421835
Stock Cars Grand National12359917049136278
Bangers Dash4Cash527
Bangers DD111